Rising in Love  is the spiritual autobiography of one of Amma’s long-term devotees, now available in paperback and e-book format from O Books.


Ram Das Batchelder met Amma in 1987, and has spent 17 years in her ashram in Amritapuri, India. He also met many other saints during his years in India, and has had many extraordinary experiences and seen numerous miracles. He is the author of You Are the King!, The Awakening of Wendy the Wave, The Triumph of Amma’s Grace, God is Everywhere and Sathyaram Discovers the Mother of All, all of which are available on Amma’s tours.


An outrageous

and totally enjoyable

new book about Amma!

     ~ from  Rising in Love

Rising in Love’s publication was directly approved by Amma, and contains 22 photos of her. All royalties from the sale of Rising in Love are being donated to Amma’s orphanage in Kerala, India, which houses 500 children and consistently turns out some of the most successful high school graduates in the state, one-third of whom go on to earn college degrees. For more about Amma's charitable projects, see www.embracingtheworld.org.

Amma’s orphanage in Kerala, India

Beautiful book by an adorable, devoted lunatic about the incomparable Amma!


~ Russell Brand (comedian, film star, best-selling author)

This is one of the best books I've ever read about spiritual growth – and I've read hundreds over the last thirty-five years. With candor and honesty Ram Das has woven an uplifting tale full of excitement, adventure and spiritual truths. This is a ‘must read’ for all dedicated seekers of Enlightenment.


~ Ted Zeff, Ph.D., author of The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, Searching For God and other books


This book is amazing. I laughed, I cried, I didn't want it to end. My only regret? There is not another page! More, more, more!


~ Robyne Conway, Founder and CEO of The Brave Foundation

Ram Das Batchelder has ‘been there; done that’ with regard to the many phases of the spiritual journey: drugs, tantric sex and delusion, to Christianity, A Course in Miracles, visions of Jesus, nude gatherings, celibacy, mantras, Self-inquiry, and finally to the heights of devotion, samadhi and mystical insight. He writes with clarity, unusual honesty, and a wonderful sense of humor. I hope you don’t have anything urgent to do, because once you start Rising in Love, you’re not going to want to put it down. It’s truly an amazing ride!


~ Rick Archer, host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

I absolutely loved every minute of reading this book, and highly recommend it to all – regardless of the path or teacher that most resonates with you!


~Kandace Jones, author of “From Stress to Peace”

A wonderful read for any spiritual seeker on their journey, which will inspire, motivate, and bring joy; I highly recommend!


~ Melissa Escaro, author of "In10tions: A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness"

Rising in Love is a tale worth living, telling and reading. I often laughed out loud and constantly felt the urge to write Ram Das a personal note letting him know that I wholeheartedly relate with and thoroughly enjoyed his epic life adventure. As a spiritual aspirant and part-time naysayer, I found this book to be delicious. Read Rising in Love. It’s a gem.


~ Paul Wagner, 5 time Emmy Award winner and author of “The Field Guide to Human Personalities”

Truly amazing. I have read many spiritual books but none with such humor, sweet devotion, or mind-opening perspectives. I am so grateful this book came into my life, and I recommend it to ANYONE who would like an inside view at the path to liberation. An absolute page turner that makes the heart smile.


~ Kelly Olsen

With rare honesty and a delightful sense of humor, Ram Das portrays the amazing experiences he’s had and the miracles he’s witnessed, as well as the gut-wrenching personal struggles he’s been through. The result is an exciting ride to the heights and depths of the spiritual seeker’s path. This book gives us a delicious taste of how wide our hearts can open when we meet a great soul like Amma.


~ Matias Flury, author of Spiritual Experiments and The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam

Rising in Love is definitely the most honest autobiography I have ever read. With a rare sense of humor, Ram Das undresses himself for the reader, while sharing his journey of self-acceptance and surrender to his Guru and Divine Self. This is a spiritual classic!


~ Paula Bande, author of Yogapilates, Tantra Eterno, and Anotomía Tantrica

Some books written by spiritual aspirants can be dry, serious, and a bit holier than thou, but Rising in Love is not one of them. I laughed, I cried, I felt so inspired! Ram Das uses great heart, humor, and vulnerability in telling his oh so amazing story with Amma. I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


~ Claudia Calisch

Compelling, profound and hilarious, this book is amazing! It’s the true story of an extraordinary spiritual journey. You won't be able to put it down!


~ Gina Suritsch, author of “Magical Tales from India”

Thoroughly enjoyed the read and the ride! From confusion to delusion…to confusion…to enlightenment…almost…to confusion again…and up and down...to the highest peaks and finally to the inner core…Ram Das has given us the opportunity to truly be part of his experiences, his quests, and his attainments in his unyielding search for the ‘Divine'. And everything he has learned along the way he so graciously shares with us! Along with this we get to experience the early years of Amma’s US tours and the early years of the ashram in Amritapuri…right through to the present. Heartwarming and heart opening! Thank you Ram Das!


~ Tejaswini Jacqueline

I love to read about other people’s spiritual journeys and ‘Rising in Love’ is one of the most interesting accounts of spiritual awakening that I have read to date. There were endless moments of ‘yes, that

happened to me too’ but there was also lots and lots of laughter. The openness and lack of ego of this author shines through his words. I couldn’t help feeling that ‘Rising in Love’ was actually imbued with

the energy of Amma and that she had reached out to me through the pages of this exceptional book.


~ Hilary H. Carter, author of "New Life Stories"

Rising in Love is powerful and thought provoking. Ram Das describes his spiritual awakening with clarity, humility and great humour. For the spiritual seeker who wants to be convinced that there is a higher power or ‘divine goodness’ existing in the world, and that this essence of love dwells in each of us, then I strongly recommend that you read this book.


~ Dr Doreen Davy, author of Emotional Life

Once this book is in print I shall be buying copies not only for myself, but also for various friends. As soon as I saw that it was to be sold to benefit an orphanage in India, I thought to myself “This author is my type of person.” I just loved the story early on in the book when the author was completely stuck in a snowdrift and was rescued by the sudden appearance of an extra jack in his car boot, together with a piece of ‘Amma’s candy’ to indicate that it was a miraculous gift from her. Thank you, Ram Das, for reinforcing my faith in the impossible.


~ Ann Merivale, author of “Delayed Departures” and other books

I highly recommend this book. It deals with a serious subject, a man's quest to find God or his own Higher Self but at the same time it is a wonderfully entertaining read. It is full of amazing stories of miracles and spiritual wisdom as well as accounts of very funny, entertaining incidents also. It is a real page-turner and once I started reading it, I found it hard to put down.


~ Dara Gilroy

A heart-binding spell-weaving book of clarity. Put it on your "must-read" list, right now.


~ Andrea Mathews, author of Inhabiting Heaven NOW and other books

Rising in Love is a wonderfully inspiring, beautiful book, a spiritual journey told with much love, humor and humility. I deeply enjoyed it -- it is truly a book of the heart.


~ Stephen Pope, author of Patterns of Creation

Hold on to your seats, folks, as you journey with Ram Das on a captivating rollercoaster joyride towards Enlightenment! This book is witty, intelligent and very exciting – a real page-turner, I must say! The author is courageously transparent with his experiences and had me totally captivated from start to finish. His is a universal truth any spiritual aspirant can relate to.


~ Rev. Jayanti Iamonico, interfaith minister

In this brave and intimate autobiography, Ram Das shares his journey to the realization that divine Grace shines in every experience. Since his path has been full of ups and downs, it makes for very entertaining reading. Anyone seeking Self-Realization, or just a glimpse into modern ashram life, will surely resonate and benefit. I loved it!


~ Johanna Sarjas, Press Representative of M.A. Mission, Finland

To declare Rising in Love to be an amazing compilation of light and love would be to minimize the empowerment one gains from Ram Das’ wisdom and spiritual sensitivity. He has opened the door wide for us. In his own way, he dares us to be on our way.


~ Dr. Jim Young, author of Aware in a World Asleep, Living an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World, As If From God, and other books

In “Rising in Love” Ram Das bravely bares his soul, sharing with us the darkest of his experiences in a very human and often comical way, leaving no stone unturned in order that we may peek at the various shadows that kept him from experiencing love and joy for so long. I challenge anyone to not be interested or inspired by his true tale of love, faith and complete devotion.


~ Jo Barnard, author of “To the Devil’s Tune”

Ram Das' story is so captivating and so honest. He pulls you in with a story telling style that is so chatty and enjoyable that reading his words just feels like you are sitting and listening to the life story of a best friend you've not spoken to in years. If you've ever heard of or wondered about Amma - the Guru who heals and enlivens with her hugs, you will find this book fascinating. It is an easy and enjoyable read. Highly recommended.


~ Leora Fulvio, author of “Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating”

This is a well written and extremely engaging book, that provides invaluable insight into the life of Amma, alongside the life of a devotee who has been purged through his life experience in fire and water, again and again.


~ Stephanie Sorrell, author of The Therapist’s Cat and many more titles

Oh my God, I loved this book! I laughed out loud at least 50 times, and had tears in my eyes several times too. It’s so well written, I just couldn’t put it down. If I could I would give it ten stars instead of five. It’s truly contagious with devotion and the author’s amazing faith in God and his Guru. I found it deeply inspiring, and I think anyone with any interest in spirituality will enjoy it and benefit from it, too. Everyone should read this book!


~ Terry D.

Truth explodes on every page of this book.


~ Jacquelyn Small, author and Founding Director of Eupsychia Institute

383 pages in length, Rising in Love is available as a paperback in bookstores all over the USA and UK. If you don’t see it in your favorite bookstore, ask them to order it for you, using the following ISBN number: 978-1-78279-687-9. The e-book is an especially good deal for the planet: for every $10 e-book sold, a $5 donation will go to Amma’s orphanage.

May all beings be happy!

Ram Das Batchelder


PLEASE NOTE: If Amazon says, “Temporarily out of stock,” ORDER THE BOOK ANYWAY! The publisher is rushing more books to Amazon now, so it won’t be a long wait! Thank you!

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